Tremila is a rare, limited edition wine that comes in numbered bottles. A classic method wine meant for true connoisseurs. A sparkling wine that’s a real collector’s piece.


A top-end Trento DOC made entirely from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes grown in the upper reaches of the Ronchi valley in the Trentino portion of the Dolomites region. The climate and the favourable aspect of the vineyards, which cling to extreme slopes, give the excellent grapes their soul and body.

The vineyard

Vines grown on steep slopes in southwest-facing rows. Soil made up of marl and clay. Single Guyot training system.


Picked by hand, the grapes are placed in crates and carried downhill where they are gently pressed whole.


Fermentation takes place at a temperature of 16°C in order to bring out the aromas and obtain an extremely elegant wine. The secondary in-bottle fermentation stage starts in spring. Bottles are stored lying down for six months. This is followed by a riddling procedure and aging on yeast lees for a further 20 months. Following disgorgement, the liqueur d’expedition is added, which is dry and subtle to achieve the brut zero rating.

Sensory profile

Straw-yellow colour with a persistent mousse of ultra-fine bubbles. Alluring on the nose, with scents of fruit reminiscent of peach that blend together in an elegant bouquet of hazelnuts, sweet spices and bread crust. The distinct feeling of dissolving bubbles and the long aftertaste are a joy on the palate. A dry, harmonious wine with an elegant finish given by the finely balanced flavours.


Excellent aperitif wine whose qualities truly come to the fore when paired with fish dishes, especially shellfish served raw.


Serve at 8-10°C in long-stemmed very thin-walled flutes.


Keep out of sunlight in a dry place at a temperature in the 12 to 15°C range.