Elegant and restrained. Like the finest silk draping over the skin. As dry as the earth that bore it. A wine meant to be savoured quietly, on the tip of the palate.


A Pinot Grigio produced in the renowned Friuli-Grave area, a stretch of stony and fairly barren ground shaped by the River Tagliamento at the end of the last glacial period, backed by the mountains of the Friuli Dolomites nature reserve. Here, vines yield white wines of great elegance that stems from a pleasant freshness and wealth of aromas

The vineyard

Planted in 1999 in the highly structured soil typical of the area and trained using the Guyot system, selecting the best clones Fruili’s prestigious nurseries can produce.


Grapes are picked by hand and placed in crates for carrying to the winery.


Must is fermented in stainless steel tanks, where the fermentation temperature is kept at a constant 18°C to accentuate the fragrance of the aromas. The wine’s aging on its noble lees also takes place in steel tanks and takes 6 months.

Sensory profile

Bright straw-yellow colour, extremely pleasant on the nose: there are evident scents of Williams pear combined with hay and walnut husk, which are inherent varietal characteristics. The wine is impressive on the palate, ample and smooth, with slight body.


Excellent with wild greens risottos, egg dishes, medium-aged cheeses and baked or barbecued high-end fish.


Serve at 10-12°C in long-stemmed wide-bowled glasses.


Keep at a constant temperature of 10-15°C in a dry, darkish place.