An extraordinarily refined wine whose quality increases with altitude. Its distinguishing traits are freshness and a fullness of aromatic notes.


Trentino is the adopted homeland of this variety, which thrives on the altitude and drastic changes in temperature, expressing unrivalled organoleptic qualities. The vineyard sits 800 metres above sea level in the Trentino region’s Ronchi valley.

The vineyard

It is surrounded by woodland, which gives rise to a favourable microclimate. Vines in this single-variety vineyard are grown on steep slopes and the rows are southwest facing. The ground is made up of calcareous and marly rock.


Grapes are picked strictly by hand and generally harvested during the last ten days of September when they reach peak ripeness.


Crushed grapes undergo skin contact in an air-free environment. Fermentation takes place at a temperature of 17-18°C in stainless steel tanks. This is followed by aging on the noble lees until the wine is bottled in spring.

Sensory profile

It features pale straw-yellow hues with a touch of bright light green. It opens on the nose with the freshness and fragrance of wild flowers, white peaches and honey. Dry, full flavoured and slightly aromatic on the palate, with a note of vibrant crispness.


Excellent aperitif, it goes wonderfully with light fish dishes, vegetable risottos and pasta dishes served with light sauces.


Serve at 10-12°C in long-stemmed wide-bowled glasses.


Keep at a constant temperature of 10-15°C in a dry, darkish place.