With its impressive, rigorous structure, this wine embodies all the dignity of the area it comes from. Every sip is like a song that rises up from the valleys, like an echo bouncing back and forth.


A Chardonnay from a small DOC area straddling the Veneto and Trentino regions, famous for its rocky terrain shaped by the glaciers of the Quaternary period and carved out by the River Adige: Terradeiforti. The name (which translates as land of the forts) refers to the eight forts in the valley built for defence.

The vineyard

100% Chardonnay grapes from vines planted in hilly surrounds backed by the Lessini mountain range. Part of the vineyard uses the Guyot training system and part the Y-trellis traditionally used in the Trentino region. Guided, integrated pest management criteria are followed in controlling pests.


Grapes are picked by hand and placed in crates for carrying to the winery.


Gentle crushing is followed by brief skin contact, during which the mixture is held at a temperature of 8°C for 10 hours, in order to extract body and aromatics. Following draining and extremely gentle pressing, the must is left to ferment in wooden barrels, where it will sit on its own yeast lees for 8 months to give complexity and smoothness. Following bottling, the Chardonnay is left to rest for a further 12 months.

Sensory profile

Straw-yellow in colour with attractive golden flecks. The characteristic scent of Golden Delicious apples is clearly evident on the nose accompanied by honey, acacia blossom and bread crust notes. The freshness and considerable persistence make it pleasant on the palate. The finish is again clearly reminiscent of Golden Delicious apples.


It goes well with seafood dishes, though it also makes a perfect accompaniment to Italian-style appetizers, light risottos, boiled meat and vegetarian menus.


Serve at 10-12°C in long-stemmed wide-bowled glasses.


Keep at a constant temperature of 10-15°C in a dry, darkish place.