Many great wines are the product of a single variety of grape, while others are created by the expertise of oenologists who skilfully blend different varieties into a harmonious whole. The resulting blend is a symphony of the highest order.


Bordo Rosso is a blend comprising 50% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon that sprang from an intuition one summer night in June. It is a blend in the “assemblage” sense in that it takes grapes that have ripened at different times and have been made into wine separately. The aromas and scents merge perfectly.

The vineyard

The Merlot is trained using the Guyot pruning system with 3,500 plants/hectare and mirrors the Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards. The Cabernet Franc instead comes from a vineyard planted over thirty years ago using the Sylvoz training system. The vines are grown in an area that falls under Motta di Livenza.


Grapes are picked by hand and harvested late, leaving the grapes on the vine past ripening.


The juice is macerated in contact with the skins for between 10 and 13 days depending on the vintage. Aging takes six months, after which the three wines are blended and left to rest for 12 months in 5 and 7 hectolitre oak barrels. Following bottling, the wine is left to rest for at least 3 more months.

Sensory profile

You know just by the rich, deep ruby red hues that you are in the presence of a great wine. The small red fruit notes and scents of spices, chocolate and vanilla give the wine an enveloping bouquet. Full, well bodied, harmonious palate resulting from the presence of smooth tannins.


Excellent paired with braised or roasted red meat. Game dishes and extra-aged cheeses.


Serve at a temperature of 18-19°C in long-stemmed thin-walled glasses with a very wide bowl. The wine is best poured into a decanter at least 15 minutes before serving to better appreciate the bouquet.


Keep out of sunlight in a dry place, preferably at a constant temperature in the 12 to 15°C range.