Round, irrepressible, solemn, verging on the majestic. Period! The prince of Veneto wines truly leaves you lost for words.


An Amarone della Valpolicella that originates from the heart of the famous Valpolicella area, more specifically from the vineyards nestled into the hills of Valle d’Illasi with its soil of dolomitic-calcareous and basaltic origin. This stunning example of the Italian winemaking art has earned pride of place among our offerings.

The vineyard

Part of the vines are trained on vertical trellises and part on the T-trellises traditionally used in the Verona area. The vineyards are home to the typical varieties that go into the Amarone blend, namely Corvina Veronese and Rondinella.


Grapes are harvested by hand in small crates and go straight from the vineyard to the storeroom for drying, which takes at least 100 days.


The process is never started any earlier than the beginning of December. Amarone is fermented and aged in oak barrels, where it must stay for at least 2 years before being sold.

Sensory profile

A deep ruby red in colour with just a touch of burgundy at the surface edge in the glass. The bouquet is complex and enveloping with focused scents of small red fruit, plums and spices. The palate is warm, intense, fulfilling and persistent. This is a wine with considerable body and good harmony due to the perfect balance struck between the tannic component and residual sugars. The finish is extraordinarily smooth, enriched by a return of the fruity notes.


This is a thinking wine, best enjoyed in sips. Nonetheless, it really comes into its own when served with game dishes, roasted or braised cuts of red meat and long-aged cheeses.


Serve at 18°C in long-stemmed wide-bowled glasses.


Keep out of sunlight in a dry place at a constant temperature in the 12 to 15°C range.