This is the core concept on which our winery is founded. We select the sites, vineyards and production methods in premium wine-growing regions across Italy. So rather than selecting existing wines, our wine production is the result of this selection approach.

The vineyard is always the first step. A key starting point in creating our Podere Italiano wines. We look for vines that are native to these parts or that have become an entrenched part of Italian tradition; vines planted in premium wine-growing regions, on prime sites; vines meeting certain characteristics and grown using methods appropriate to the results we demand.

This tireless search is based on the underlying realization that you can’t have superior vines without superior wine growers. The selection process is painstaking and extremely scrupulous: we don’t stop until we’ve handpicked the best people to work with us on creating our wines. We don’t settle for second best. And our strict standards reap their own rewards.

We ask our wine growers to grow vines specially for us and to then turn the resulting grapes into wine according to our directions.

The whole winemaking process takes place at the source, to bring out the original quality and authentic spirit of the area where the grapes were actually grown.