Certain encounters in life are seemingly random. Alessandro De Bon, Gianmario Maccan, Simone Pivetta: three different parallel yet entirely similar lives.

All three of us shared a love of wine and gourmet Italian food from a young age, though for years our respective careers had taken us on diverging paths, steering us away from our true passions. Isn’t that always the way?

Our private lives, though, were a series of tastings, conversations, winery visits and journeys of discovery into food and wine. And the desire to turn our passion for wine excellence into something worthy.

It was during one of these visits to a winery, in the Veneto region, that our paths finally crossed. Something clicked: an immediate understanding, a friendship, followed by a trip together to cultivate our shared passion. First to France, to visit a number of famous wineries. Then to London, one of the longstanding global wine trading capitals.

During our time abroad, we discovered that Italy’s great winemaking tradition was not getting the recognition it clearly deserved. There are many reasons why the wines we so greatly admired were being unfairly dismissed. But it wasn’t until we were back on Italian soil that an idea was spawned in response to these many reasons: an idea that we then turned into reality. Together with a lifelong dream. And so Podere Italiano was born.