Podere Italiano is not your average winery and, in a way, is something of a unique enterprise. What we envisaged was a winery that would be home to great Italian wines. We’re aided in our quest by brilliant oenologists and talented gourmet food and wine connoisseurs, the finest wine growers and scrupulous agronomists. Pooling our expertise in the name of excellence to produce a range of quality wines.

Podere Italiano is a wine firm that sprang from our desire to interpret the excellence of Italian wine in all its countless expressions as well as elevate the reputation of Italian winemaking worldwide.

The result is a winery hinged on the concept of making wine based on a thorough selection process rather than just buying in the finished product. Ours is a winery built on the passion and expertise of a committed team. A place where the vineyards and wineries of that ultimate of wine countries, Italy, converge and where the unique characteristics of its stunning regions are harnessed.

Podere Italiano, the place great Italian wines call home.